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The organisation of informative/cooperation/thematic/awareness events plays a significant role not only in raising awareness on research and education networking or in explaining cooperation opportunities on e-Infrastructures to interested communities but also in offering networking opportunities among parties willing to engage in collaborative projects. The eI4Africa events are therefore important project milestones offering direct interaction between experts and key stakeholders in the field in order to harness the vast opportunities offered by e-Infrastructures and related services for socio-economic growth.

The eI4Africa workshops mainly aimed at:

  • Enhancing collaboration among African and European scientists
  • Raising awareness on the regional research and education networks and their transformative potential
  • Proposing alternate means of conducting research and delivering services
  • Demonstrating the relevance of e-Infrastructures and advanced networks
  • Building human capacity to spearhead REN infrastructural development and utilisation
  • Providing a forum for discussions and debates on recent developments and perspectives in the field

The eI4Africa partnership organised a series of 4 workshops in Africa, during the project lifetime and will organise a final conference in Brussels.

The four workshops took place in:


  • New links and a stronger network between African stakeholders;
  • Increased awareness of researchers and policy-makers of the existing e-Infrastructure solutions and their potential benefits.

The final conference was jointly organised by eI4Africa and iMentors projects:


  • Wide dissemination of eI4Africa project outcomes and increased awareness on the status and perspectives of African and European e-Infrastructures;
  • Strengthened links among African and European stakeholders;
  • Enhanced awareness of the transformative potential of African e-Infrastructures.

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  1. “e-Infrastructures for Africa” conference successfully held in Brussels, Belgium on Oct 29, 2014 | ei4africa